Online Businesses

Selling Products, Coaches, Marketing, Technology

Many industries have online businesses within them so you may find it helpful to read the information under those industries.

While many of your customers don’t actually physically meet you, making you the invisible business owner, your expenses are very real and tangible.

Quite often having an online business means you can operate it from anywhere. Solo Accounts is complimentary to your business in that it can also be used anytime, anywhere, any device.

Examples of expenses you may be able to claim are:

  • Internet and Phone
  • Marketing
  • Packaging and Delivery
  • Merchant Fees
  • Professional Development
  • Stationery
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance

Used By These People

You don't need to be a tax professional to successfully use Solo Accounts. Sole Traders from all of these industries are happily using this software by "keeping it simple". Click image to find out more.

  • Direct Selling

  • Transport

  • Ride Shares

  • Beauty & Health

  • Online Businesses

  • Real Estate

  • Tradies

  • Consultants

  • Franchisees

  • Fitness & Health

  • Home Maintenance

  • Home Based