Mortgage Brokers, Dog Wash, Food/Coffee Van, Cleaner

Many industries contain franchises within them so you may find it helpful to read the information under those industries.

Solo Accounts gives you the flexibility to enter income received via commission payments, invoices given to customers or cash payments received on the job.

If you don’t work from an office, chances are you will have many motor vehicle expenses you need to capture. This can be one of the largest tax deductible expenses you incur.

Goods for jobs vary greatly from franchise to franchise but these can all be entered uniformly in Solo Accounts.

Examples of expenses you may be able to claim are:

  • Initial Franchisee fees or renewal fees
  • Interest Payments
  • Advertising or Marketing
  • Training
  • Stationery

Used By These People

You don't need to be a tax professional to successfully use Solo Accounts. Sole Traders from all of these industries are happily using this software by "keeping it simple". Click image to find out more.

  • Direct Selling

  • Transport

  • Ride Shares

  • Beauty & Health

  • Online Businesses

  • Real Estate

  • Tradies

  • Consultants

  • Franchisees

  • Fitness & Health

  • Home Maintenance

  • Home Based