Direct Selling

Cosmetics, Health Supplements, Cleaning, Storage, Clothes

Once you have established that you are running a business and not just a hobby, keeping good records is a legal requirement.

Many workers in this industry use ongoing consumable items. The individual amounts may be small but they will soon add up so recording all of your expenses is important.

Understanding how your business is going, numbers wise, is important to your success. It also provides you with documented support of your business income and expenses if you need to get a loan, hire a space or expand your business.

Examples of expenses you may be able to claim are:

  • Products
  • Phone
  • Freight and Delivery
  • Wrapping and Postage
  • Hostess Gifts
  • Memberships
  • Travel Expenses
  • Motor Vehicle Expenses

For a comprehensive list of deductible expenses


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